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Personal Information:
Name               :      Heba Fathy Abdel Reheem eid
Sex                   :     Female
Date of Birth   :      28 January 1973
Marital Status :      Married
Language         :      Arabic excellent command.
English excellent command.
Address            :     132 L, Hadayek El Ahram, El Haram, Giza, Egypt. 
Mobile              :     + 201001404826
Clinic                :     +202- 39824818
E-mail               :     [email protected] 
Current Post   :       Professor of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Qualifications and Registration:
Qualifications :
-M. B. B. Ch., December 1997 and signed up excellent with honors. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
-Master Degree in Psychiatry and Neurology, May 2002. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
-Doctorate Degree (M.D) December 2006 in Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

-The Egyptian Medical Syndicate: registered under the No 131767
-The Egyptian Ministry of Health: registration G. P. Reg.No.134767

-A member of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association since 2002 until now
-A member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine ISAM.

Previous Employment:
-from beginning of 2015 till now vice president of  Kasr Elini psychiatric and addiction hospital.
- Tutor of Psychology (human behavior science) in faculty of pharmacy Cairo University 2015-1016
-Tutor of Psychology (human behavior science) in faculty of pharmacy MSA University 2016 till now
Tutor of Psychology (human behavior science) and psychiatry in 6th October university faculty of medicine  from 2011 till now.
- Tutor of  Psychiatry for physiotherapy faculty in 6th October university for two years.
March 2011 till  end of 2014 director of outpatient clinics of Cairo University Psychiatry and addiction hospital
- March 2012 till now Assistant professor of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
-March 2007 till march 2012: Lecturer of Psychiatry in Psychiatry department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
- July 2002 until 2007:  Assistant Lecturer of Psychiatry in Psychiatry department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
- Consultant of  child psychiatry at El- Khanka Hospital for one year starting February 2007 till  February 2008.
-Consultant of psychiatry at Helwan University since may 2007 till2010.
-2003 until 2005: Specialist of Psychiatry in Nile Sanatorium Hospital
for Mental Health & Addiction.
-2002 until now: Tutor of Psychology and Psychiatry for Nursing Diploma candidates.
-March 1999 – February 2002: Resident of Psychiatry in Department of Psychiatry, Cairo University.
-March 1998 – February 1999: House Officer in Kasr El Aini Hospital, Cairo University.

Training courses:
Course for training and preparation of the graduate tutor held at Cairo University from 19/2/2006 to 15/3/2006.
Training course for computer since at Cairo University.
Training course for Effective teaching
Training course for Medical Ethics
Training course for Research methodology
Training course for Teaching for small and large groups
Training course for scientific writing
Training course for credit hour system
Training course for using technology in teaching
Training course for time management
Training course for international publishing of research
Training course for exams and students evaluation systems
Training course for research ethics
Training course for managing research teams
Training course for evidence based strategy in medical practice
Training course for university management

Clinical Training & Experience:
-Basic Special Training:
March 1998 – February 1999: Pre-registration House Officer in Medicine and Surgery for 12 months in Cairo University Hospitals:
(2) Months rotation in Surgery Unit, Prof. Amir Nasef.
(2) Months rotation in Internal Medicine Unit, Prof.  Alaa El-Zayat.
(2) Months rotation in Pediatric Unit, Prof. Khalil Abdel Khalek.
(2) Months rotation in Gynecological & Obstetrical Unit, Prof. Mahmoud Talaat.
(2) Months rotation in Psychiatry Unit, Prof. Samia Abdel Rahman.
(1) Month rotation in the Anesthesia Department, Cairo University.
(1) Month rotation in the Emergency Room.

-Residency Training: March 1999 – March 2002: Resident in Psychiatry department in Kasr El Aini Cairo University Hospital
1- Methyl tetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism, folic acid, B12 in a sample of patients with depression and anxiety symptoms
2- The Role of the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors in progression of Bipolar Disorders
3- Shyness and sociability in a sample of Egyptian schizophrenic patients and its relation to resting frontal EEG
4-Neurological soft signs and cognitive functions in obsessive-compulsive disorder
5- Psychosocial adaptation and quality of life differences between pacemaker and   implantable cardiovertor-defibrillators in a sample of Egyptian patients
6- Psychosocial Profile and Academic Achievement in a selective sample of Preparatory School Students
7- Effect of treadmill training on activities of daily living and depression in patients with Parkinson’ disease
8- Addictive profile in juvenile delinquent admitted in correction institution in relation to personality characteristics
9- Psychodynamic aspects in a sample of Egyptian Vitiligo patients
10-Readiness to change of motivation in substance abuse patients, Egyptian study
11-M.Sc. Thesis
Obsessive compulsive symptoms in schizophrenic patients: A neuropsychological study.
12-M.D. Thesis
Substance Dependence in a sample of Adolescents Addiction.
13- Correlates of Psychiatric co-morbidity in a sample of Egyptian Patients with bipolar disorder
 14- Lifetime Prevalence of Alcohol and Substance Use in Egypt: A Community Survey
15- Role of traditional healers in the pathway  to care of patients with bipolar disorder in Egypt.
16- Assessment of serum level of total glutathione in a sample of schizophrenic patients versus bipolar patients
17-Event- related potential in bipolar disorder with comorbid anxiety disorder
18-Evaluation of Serum Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor to assess the association between psoriasis and depression
19-The association between cognitive functions, cortisol release, and symptom severity in patients with schizophrenia
20- Smoking and its psychiatric comorbidity among a sample of inpatients in a general hospital in Egypt.
21- Cognitive impairment in depressed students of Cairo University Hospital
22- Neurologial soft signs with respect to type of symptoms in patients
23- Stigma, Self Esteem and Depression in Adolescent Patients with Epilepsy

Sharing in Establishment of the Adolescent unit
in Kasr Elini Hospital From 2004- till now.

Private practicing:
Filling in for Psychiatric Professor in his clinic while on leave:
-Prof. Hassib El Dafrawi (2004)  till 2009: It is a child psychiatric clinic for assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and management of child psychiatric disorders.
Private Clinic from 2009 till now

Winner of Okasha’s Award 2007
Yehia Elrakhawy Award 2014