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Name: Mamdouh Mohamed Wahba

D.O.B.: July 10, 1940

Nationality: Egyptian

Gender: Male

Social Status: Married (1970) Daughter (1972) and Son (1975)

Address: 99 Misr Helwan Road, Maadi, Cairo 11431, Egypt

Telephone: (20) 100 316 8888    Fax: (20)2 2525 8458

E-mail: [email protected]



MB, BCh             1964     Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

MSc                   1967      Ob. & Gyn. Ain Shams University, Egypt

MRCOG              1972      Member, Royal College of Ob. & Gyn., London,

FRCOG               1984      Fellow, Royal College of Ob. & Gyn., London, UK

MFFP                  1993      Founding Member, Faculty of Family Planning, London, UK

FFSRH                2006      Fellow, Faculty of Sexual & RH, London, UK



President and senior program manager: Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine

President, Egyptian Family Health Society, (1999- still)

Consultant Gynecologist, (1980 –still): Private practice, Egypt

Vice-President, International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH),



Regional Medical Training Consultant, Engender Health 1991-1996

Assistant Minister of Population of Egypt, 1994 - 1996

Director General of the contraceptive Social Marketing project, Egypt 1989 - 1991

Director, Promotion Center for Scientific Activities, Egypt 1983 – 1989

Medical Director, Egyptian Fertility Care Society, 1979 - 1982

Consultant, Ob. & Gyn., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1973 - 1979

Registrar, Ob.& Gyn. National Health, UK. 1968 – 1972



  • Contributed to the progress of the national family planning program in Egypt specially while leading the contraceptive social marketing project. (1979 – 1996)
  • Founding Member (1993) of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, London, UK (now Faculty of SRH)
  • Initiated sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education for young people In Egyptian schools and universities.  starting 1999.
  • Advocated for introduction of SRH in school curriculum in Egypt and enhancing school health within the Ministry of Education.
  • Promoted and advocated for Adolescent Medicine in Egypt and Arab World. Introduced this subspecialty in Egyptian medical schools and Pediatric Associations.
  • Founded the Arab Coalition for Adolescent Health & Medicine 2014
  • Advocated for establishing the MENA region within the International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) and elected as Vice President for the Region.



  • Facilitated and participated in several international scientific meetings related to sexual and reproductive health, adolescence and gynecology in:

Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Sri

Lanka, India, Nepal, Japan, China, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,

Yemen, Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Cyprus, Turkey,

Germany, England, Finland, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Kosovo, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Portugal, USA, Canada, Mexico,  Brazil and Chile.

  • Organized and Represented Egypt in the Second Colloquium on Sex Education held in Sri-Lanka, for the American University, Washington, D.C., USA. In 1982
  • Organized and facilitated the first regional family life education workshop in Cyprus in 1983 for USAID.
  • Represented Egypt in the African Development Conference held in Tanzania 1989
  • Participated in a working group for the development of guidelines for community-based family planning programs organized by MCH of the WHO, Washington, D.C. (1990)
  • Designed, organized and facilitated a series of reproductive health workshops and other training activities for physicians and nurses in Romania (12) and Yemen (10) during the period 1991-1996
  • Facilitated "Adolescent Health and Sexuality & Reproductive Health Workshop", NGO Forum, International Conference on Population & Development (ICPD), Cairo 1994
  • Acted as District Governor for Lions Clubs International in 2002
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Washington, DC, USA (2007)
  • Conducted a consultancy on RH Commodity Security for UNFPA in Yemen, 2008.
  • Granted a Rockefeller Foundation Residency at Bellagio center, Italy for developing Rh and life skills curriculum for Egyptian Schools (2010).
  • Acted as Chairperson for the Lion Quest project for D352, Lions Clubs International and participated in the Lions Quest Workshop held in Nicosia, Cyprus (2011).
  • Participated in the Adolescent Medicine workshop Summer School organized by EuTeach organization, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2012.
  • A study tour of SRH education programs and initiatives in Amman, Jordan, March 2013.
  • Delivered an oral presentation entitled: “SRH myths and misconceptions among Egyptian adolescents” during the First Global Conference organized by the European Society for Contraception in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2013.
  • Presented a Plenary talk on “Youth in the Arab World; between biology, religion and tradition” in Istanbul, Turkey during the 10th Global Congress of the International Association of Adolescent Health, June 2013
  • Participated in the International Consultation on Menstrual Education and Hygiene organized by UNESCO, Kenya,  July 2013.
  • Participated in the Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health Forum organized by the American University, Beirut, Lebanon, October 2013 
  • Conducted a consultancy assignment for UNICEF in Muscat, Oman for the occasion of celebrating the Gulf Day for School Health and Adolescent Health. The assignment included delivering key-note speech, lecture on adolescents’ lifestyle and media interviews, 2013.



  • Founding Member of the Network for Arab Sexuality Scholars, American University of Beirut, February 2014
  • Participated in the working group to develop guidelines on adolescents’ competence in Clinical Care, Organized by Lausanne University for WHO, Geneva June 2014.
  • Founded and presided over the Arab Coalition of Adolescent Medicine which was launched June 24th, 2014 in Cairo (15 Arab countries). Presented a paper during the 19th European Meeting of International Association of Adolescent Health (IAAH), Lisbon, Portugal June 2015. 
  • Facilitated a Training Workshop for Hotline Counselors in Afghanistan for UNFPA, 2015
  • Shared in the organization committee for the First International Conference of the Saudi Society of Adolescent Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 2015
  • Facilitated a session during the capacity building workshop on Adolescent Health and Medicine for Arab Physicians held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 2016.
  • Granted a residency at the Brocher Foundation, Geneva to edit a health education manual for Egyptian Adolescents, April 2016.
  • Chaired a session on Adolescent Health during the 14th ESC Congress in Basel, Swiss, May 2016.
  • Co-chairing of the Conference on Arab Youth Health and Well-Being, AUB, Lebanon, November 2016
  • Acted as a consultant for John Hopkins University, USA to adapt a publication on Social Behavior Change Communication for Egyptian Adolescents: March 2016 – August 2017.
  • WHO, EMRO Consultant, Adolescent Health Consultancy Meeting, Cairo, March 2017
  • Organized and Presided over the First MENA region Conference of the International Association of Adolescent Health, Cairo, May 2017
  • Represented Egypt in the TOT Course for the National Ob. & Gyn. Societies, organized by WHO/EMRO, Beirut, August 2017.
  • Represented Egypt in Workshop on Immunization and Adolescent Health, Dubai, UAE, October 2017
  • Chaired a session and acted as a workshop faculty, World Congress on Adolescent Health, IAAH, and New Delhi. 2017


  • Shared in facilitating the training workshop for healthcare providers on Adolescent Health organized by EuTeach and The Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Sharjah, UAE, November 2017.
  • Adolescent Health Study and Lecturing Tour, Nepal. March 2018
  • Represented Egypt in the Consultative Meeting on FGM for WHO/EMRO, Khartoum,Sudan. May 2018
  • Represented Egypt in the WHO Consultative Meeting to Strengthen FP Practice in the MENA region, Beirut, July 10-12th, 2018
  • Presented a plenary paper in the 21st European IAAH regional conference, Moldova October 2018.
  • Chaired the scientific committee and presented 2 papers in the Second MENA region Adolescent Health Conference, Oman, Muscat October 2018.
  • Participated as a faculty in the “Youth Forum in the Arab Region” organized by the UNFPA regional office, Assila, Morocco. December 2018
  • Member of the scientific committee and a faculty member during the advocacy workshop on NCD in Adolescents, organized by NCD Child and Royal Health Awareness Society, Amman, Jordan. January 2019
  • Chaired a Consultative Meeting on Adolescent and School Health, Ismailia, Egypt. February 2019.
  • Presented 3 papers in the World Congress on Sexual Health, Mexico City, October 2019.
  • Organized a regional workshop on Adolescent health for Arab Healthcare providers from 18 Arab countries. Amman December 8-12, 2019
  • Presided over the scientific committee of the 4th Adolescent Health Conference for the MENA region, Amman, Jordan December 12-14th, 2019



Since returning back to Egypt in the year 1979, I have been devoting all my time and efforts in scientific and community work for improving of health and welfare of Egyptians in the following areas:

  • The population problem and family planning,
  • Reproductive health information and health,
  • Young people’s reproductive health,
  • Adolescent Medicine and health.
  • Liver diseases

Activities included:

  • Health education and behavior change communication at national level in Universities and schools (1999 till now)
  • Media activities including a national television weekly program for 3 years.
  • Capacity building of physicians, teachers and social workers. Facilitated more than 100 training workshops.
  • Organized and presided over 24 national conferences.
  • Social Marketing of contraceptives nationwide.
  • Established several youth-friendly clinics in Egypt.
  • Advocacy for family planning, youth sexual and reproductive health and Adolescent
  • Medicine.
  • Establishing and operating a Liver Diseases Hospital
  • Organized and facilitated 2 Training Workshops for Healthcare providers (Total 52) on adolescent health, Egypt. (December 2017 and February 2018)



  • Fertility Management monograph 1981 and 1982.
  • Fertility Care Bulletin 1980-1982
  • Pharmacist and Family Health 1980-1982
  • Family Health Review 1982-1985
  • Editor ,Pharmacist Family Health Journal 1982-1985
  • No for Obesity”, a book about weight reduction, Dar Akhbar El Youm, Egypt 1998.
  • “I want a Child”, a book about infertility, Dar El-Helal Publishing House, Egypt 2000.
  • “Youth Questions about Reproductive Health”, a book published by the Egyptian Family Health Society, Egypt. 2001
  • Editor of a series of reproductive health education publications targeting young people in Egypt. 7 booklets published by Tahseen / Catalyst project, USAID, Cairo 2004.
  • Editor, Curriculum for Reproductive Health and Life Skills Education in Egyptian Schools, Cairo 2010
  • Editor, Adolescents Concerns, EFHS, Cairo 2011
  • Findings from Study of RH and life skills education in schools, EFHS, Cairo 2011
  • The Need for RH Education in Schools in Egypt, PRB, Washington DC, 2012.
  • Bedouin Youth and Reproductive Health, EFHS, Cairo 2012.
  • SRH SBCC for Egyptian Adolescents
  • Edited the Chapter about “Sexual and Reproductive Health of Arab Adolescents” for the book: “Health in the Arab World”. Springer 2019
  • Edited a health education manual for adolescents “Sehetak Ya Shabab” , Plan International and Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine, Egypt  2019. 



  • President, the Egyptian Family Health Society.
  • President, Egyptian Society for Adolescent Medicine.
  • Founder, Arab Coalition of Adolescent Medicine.
  • Vice President, of the International Association of Adolescents Health (IAAH)
  • Past member of the Board of Directors of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Washington, DC, USA
  • Member of the Society of Friends of Arab Liver Patients.
  • Member of the Egyptian Fertility Care Society
  • Member of the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals, Washington, D.C.,
  • Founding Member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care of the Royal College of UK, 
  • Past District Governor, Lions Clubs International, District 352, Egypt.
  • Member of the European Society of Contraception.


  • Prof. Mahmoud Fathalla. (MD. FRCOG, FRCS)

 Prof. of Ob. & Gyn., Assiut University, Egypt.

 Mobile +20 100 520 7842           e-mail: [email protected]

  • Dr. Montasser Kamal (MD. PH.D.):

Program Leader, Maternal and Child Health Program, IDRC, Canada.

Phone: +1 613 696 2229              e-Mail: [email protected]