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Dr. Magdy Khaled is a senior professional with more than 30 years of experience in sexual and reproductive health/ FP  programme design and management as well as technical advisor.

Through his career in many international as well as national governmental and non-governmental organizations, Dr. Khaled has been a tenacious and vocal advocate for sexual and reproductive health for all, empowering women and young people and ensure that no one is left behind. Dr. Khaled served as Director of Programme at UNFPA Egypt as well as a Head of Office where he implemented evidence based programs, result based management and geared the Country Programme to assist the government in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. DR. Khalid practiced his outstanding communications and facilitations skills to mobilize resources for the country programme and to advocate for the newly adopted development agenda (Sustainable Development Goals).

As senior technical advisor, Dr. Khalid participated extensively in managing and delivering technical assistance in population and Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health/Maternal Health, Youth and Adolescent SRH, Midwifery Services, SRH responses in humanitarian situations, managed programmatic and operation researches to strengthen the health systems Dr. Khaled retired from UNFPA in August 2016 and has been providing national and regional consultatios to the following organizatios as freelance consultant :

-  Developed and implemented a TOT program for midwives on safe delivery ( UNFPA Libya ),

- Developed and implemented a TOT program on integrating GBV in medical service delivery and managing GBV servivers  ( UNFPA Libya),

- Developed a policy paper on the status of SRH integration in the MOHP of Egypt ( MEANA Health policy Forum ),

- Participated in the Regional Council meeting organized by IPPF to presented the status of maternal health in the Arab Region ,

- Developed the FP/RH curriculum for the private sector providers in Egypt ( International Poulation council in Egypt ) .

- Monitored the implementation of training of the private sector physicians in Egypt on FP/RH ( Pathfinder International in Egypt),

- Participated as Master trainer in the implementation of TOT for Health Educators in Egypt ( HC3 / USAID),

- Develop a regional RMCNA Health strategy for the LAS ( UNFPA/ASRO) ,

- Developed a 5 years action plan for the community health workers  CHW of Egypt ( RR program) as an integral component of the FP sector of the MOHP ( WB in Egypt),

- Participated in the regional consultation meeting organized by WHO as a member of the Egyptian technical committee of the Egyptian research on the underlying reasons of high rates of CS to present the situation of CS practice in Egypt and participate in formulating a roadmap for implementing the WHO nonclinical guideline for reducing CS practice in MEANA region ( WHO EMRO).

- Developed the project manual / action plan of the FP component for the 5 years World Bank Egypt Health Care Project  ( WB in Egypt).


Assistant Representative and Acting Representative (for 3 years) at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Egypt Office, from 2008 tillAugust 2016

From October 2011 through August 2013 and from June 2015 till August 2016, Dr. Khaled has been the Head of Office/Acting Representative at the United Nations Population Fund, Egypt Office. Dr. Khaled had overall responsibilities for UNFPA representation, policy, programme, finance, staff and office administration in Egypt. As head of office, he led and motivated the team in development of innovative, relevant approaches for engagement of issues related to population and development, sexual and reproductive health and gender. Dr Khaled led the positioning of UNFPA on strategic and sensitive issues in Egypt and the basic of global and regional policies and strategies, managed the office in a critical transitional period after the revolution of 25th of January 2011, led the process of country programme planning, preparation, formulation and development (2013 -2017), ensured the use of result-based management in programme implementation, participated in the UN system coordination and provided leadership and guidance to the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in supporting enhanced response to the national plans in advancing the population and development agenda, sexual and reproductive health and eliminating gender based violence (GBV) particularly FGM, child marriage and sexual harassment, integrated the humanitarian response to Syrian refugees in the country programme particularly protection and access to SRH .Dr. Khaled Acted as principle advisor to the Regional  Director and senior management of UNFPA, represented UNFPA in high level meetings and events at the national, regional and international levels, conducted regular meetings with senior officials from the government specially Ministers of Health, International Cooperation and Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss government priorities, programme implementation and bottle necks to be overcome. Dr. Khaled Acted progressively on resource mobilization and was commended by the Executive Director of UNFPA for exceeding the 2015 target. Dr. Khaled Assisted the GOE in developing a national population strategy in 2015,costed family planning 5 years plan 2016-2021, developing of economic cost of GBV  survey, contributing to the 2014 demographic and health survey (DHS), developing a national family planning media campaign to create public awareness for the importance of family planning to family welfare. Dr Khaled had overseen staff learning and career development and implemented UNFPA standards for recruitment and selection of highest quality of staff for the country office. As Assistant Representative, Dr. Khaled managed the implementation of the country programme and supervised the team of programme officers, assured overall accountability for the country programme management and implementation.

Director of Technical Support and Development at the Regional Office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Based in Tunisia from 2002 till end of 2007.

Dr. Khaled lead and coordinated the regional office technical programme activities including the definition, design, planning and implementation of the regional strategies and technical support activities in fifteen member associations located in fifteen Arab countries. Dr. Khaled major achievements during this five years period included leading the process of development of the five years strategic plan through empowering , motivating and inspiring the team of regional advisors ,managed the implementation of the regional Quality of Care in Family Planning and Reproductive Health as part of the global programme , participated as master trainer in interregional training of trainers workshops, created the technical assistance regional plan through needs assessment and managed providing technical support. He managed and coordinated the functions of the Regional Medical team since its establishment in 2003 to work in parallel to and in coordination with the International Medical Advisory Panel (IMAP) of the IPPF Head Quarter in London. Participated in reviewing the IPPF service delivery international guidelines, developed plenty of training curricula in the area of sexual and reproductive health, designed, implemented and monitored plenty of regional training of trainers’ workshops.

Training and Medical Education Advisor with Family Health International (FHI), from 1999 to end of 2002.

Dr. Khaled was hired by FHI (based in North Carolina ,USA) to be the resident advisor for the USAID contract of Technical assistance of the Population  IV project  of Egypt, Dr. Khaled main duties and achievements during this four years project included; coordination among all medical and nursing schools of Egypt to achieve the development ,integration and implementation of a unified teaching curriculum in Family Planning /Reproductive Health and a competence based  practical program to be integrated in the house officers training during the one year rotation of clinical practice. Introduced for the first time Evidence- Based Medicine to the medical schools in Egypt through coordination with the international experts/expertise, developed terms of references for International Consultants, managed the coordination and implementation of training workshops for selected faculty members from the Ob/Gyn departments of all medical schools as part of the introduction of Evidence Based Medicine. Dr. Khaled high level of communication, negotiation, coordination, leadership and political sensitivity enabled him to approach heads of departments, deans, chairs to introduce the program and to ensure ownership and to gain their support. Dr. Khaled managed the functions of a national curriculum coordinating committee to be the coordinating body, approached the supreme council of higher education to gain their support and succeed in integrating a unified curriculum in all medical and nursing schools in Egypt.


Training Management Advisor for the Ministry of Health of Egypt (MOHP) with Pathfinder International from 1994 till end of 1998.

Dr. Khaled was a member of the team of international advisors under the USAID contract of technical assistance for the population/FP program in Egypt. As the training management advisor, he coordinated the development of training strategy for the FP/population sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, assisted partner agencies in developing training plans and reports, assisted the MOH in strengthening the management systems at the population sector. Initiated and integrated a quality improvement programme including certification of the qualified primary health care units resulted in  measurable improvement in service delivery, assisted in developing policies and procedures for evaluation of training activities, revised the national standards of practice for FP services, updated the training curricula for physicians, nurses and social workers and managed the development of the project completion report at the end of the five years programme and created a critical mass of master trainers in family planning programme management and clinical supervision in all health directorates and governorates in Egypt.

Master trainer and director of clinical training operations at the Regional Center of Training (RCT) in FP/Reproductive Health at Ain Shams University from 1990 to end of 1993.

The RCT was established through an agreement between the Government of Egypt represented by Ain Shams University (OB/GYN department) and USAID to be a center of excellence in training and education in FP/RH. Dr. Khaled received extensive US based training in training methodology / techniques, curriculum development, management and evaluation of training operations and was certified as master trainer by the Johns Hopkins Programme for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics (JHPIEGO). He coordinated the process of creating critical mass of master trainers in Egypt and participated in design, implementation and evaluation of plenty of training Programmes for participants from the MOH, medical schools, other academic institutions and from other countries in the Middle East. As the manager of outpatient clinics, Dr. Khaled succeed in creating a clinical training regional entity/institute in FP/SRH at Ain Shams University

Practicing clinician from 1978 till 1990


Resident of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cairo University hospital then Obstetrician and Gynecologist at public and private hospitals in Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Qualifications, certifications and training:

-        Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, 1978

-        Obtained the Master’s degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology(OB/GYN) in 1982

-        Certified master trainer in FP/RH from JHPIEGO , Johns Hopkins university,1992

-        Graduated from FP program management and supervision by the International Health  Programme(IHP) affiliated to school of public health at Berkley, California, USA, 1991 

-        Participated in many training programmes/workshops organized by the UNFPA over the last five years in; Results – Based Management, Leadership (Lead UNFPA), Environmental Scanning – Resource Mobilization – Universal access to SRH


Relevant publications

-        Contributed to and revised the international FP/SRH Service delivery Guidelines of the IPPF

-        Developed the training curriculum of Youth Friendly Reproductive Health Services  for UNFPA and FHI in Egypt

-        Developed the training curriculum for Service providers at the MOH/Egypt

-        Developed the first training curriculum for CHW ( Raedate Refiate ) in Egypt

-        Participated in the development /review of the National standards of Practice for Family Planning Services  ,MOHP/Egypt

-        Developed plenty of training workshops curricula and manuals for the IPPF and UNFPA.

-        Developed FP/SRH training curriculum for private physicians as the International  Population Council consultant , USAID funded project , May 2017

Membership in professional societies

  • Egyptian Medical Syndicate
  • Egyptian Society of OB/GYNS, FIGO member
  • Egyptian Fertility Care Society
  • Canadian Society of Public Health Professionals
  • Board member of the Egyptian Healthcare Society
  • Board member of the Egyptian Society of Adolescent Medicine


Arabic:             Mother tongue

English:            Fluent in written and spoken

French: Basic


Personal Data:

Address:           61 Sakkara Road, Pryamids, Giza, Egypt

Telephone:        3385 8225

Mobile:             010 6662 4444

Email:              [email protected][email protected]



Furnished upon request